The Art of Scented Candle Shopping

Scented candles have become far more than just a source of light. They are now an art form that can transform any space through sight, sound, and scent. With endless options to choose from in shapes, sizes, fragrances and prices, the world of scented candles can be thrilling yet daunting to navigate. This comprehensive guide will illuminate what to look for when shopping for scented candles. Follow these tips to discover the perfect candles to delight your senses and enhance your home.

Consider Your Budget

Price is often the first factor when shopping for scented candles. In general, more expensive candles are crafted with higher quality ingredients and provide a better overall experience. Mass-produced grocery store candles are cheap but lack complexity. Expect to spend $25-$40 for candles from reputable brands like Nest, Voluspa and Boy Smells. Boutique and artisanal candle makers charge a premium for rare essential oils and handmade vessels, often $50-$100 or more per candle. Set a realistic budget before falling for a $200 luxury candle. Watch for sales to get high-end finds at lower prices.

Select an Appealing Fragrance

Scented Candle

Choosing a scent you love is the most critical decision when buying a scented candle. Take your time to properly sample scents when exploring new brands. Top fragrance categories include floral, fruity, fresh, spicy, woodsy, and gourmand. Consider if you want a single dominant note like lavender, or a complex blend of scents like sea salt and driftwood. Fruity candles in scents like grapefruit, lemon and melon appeal to many, as do vanilla, pine and clean cotton. Seek out mini candles or in-store sniffing bars to try before you buy. Reading reviews provides others’ descriptions of how scents smell when burning.

Consider Burn Time

Longer burn times mean better value and less maintenance. As a rule of thumb, estimate one hour of burn time per inch of candle width. However, always check the specific burn time listed, as container shape and wick also impact time. Large three-wick jars may burn 100-150 hours, while slim pillars burn 15-20 hours. Tiny tea lights only last 4-6 hours. If you want to light the candle daily, choose a long burn time over 60 hours. For occasional use, 20 hours may suffice. Sturdy vessels allow burning the candle all the way down without risk.

Evaluate Aesthetic Appeal

Today’s scented candles span the spectrum from simple to ornate in appearance. Select candle styles, shapes and colors that will complement your existing décor. Clean modern vessels in a single color or material can provide a minimalist focal point. Alternatively, an artisanal hand-poured candle in a beautiful cut-glass vessel can anchor a traditional vignette with vintage charm. Pillar and geometric shapes work well in candle holders, while uniqueforms like seashells and geodes can standalone. Opt for pristine wax pools if appearance matters, checking reviews focused on aesthetics.

Scented Candle:Seeking out Eco-Friendly Options

Many environmentally-conscious shoppers now prioritize eco-friendly scented candles. Beeswax, soy wax or other vegetable wax blends are biodegradable alternatives to paraffin. Essential oil scents and cotton wicks are natural options. Recycled glass vessels, reclaimed wood wicks, sustainably sourced palm and paper packaging appeal to green buyers. Locally produced, hand-poured candles have less environmental impact from transportation. Do your research thoroughly if eco-friendliness is important in your purchase.

With knowledge of these key considerations, scented candle shopping becomes a joy rather than a chore. Seek out sampling opportunities, read detailed reviews, and splurge on an artisanal luxury find or two. Soon you will curate a personalized collection of candles that speaks to your unique style and brings all your senses alive. Let scent transport you to a tropical oasis, pine forest or cozy kitchen. Discover the art of scented candles. Read More

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